How to restore deleted WeChat chat history? Recover deleted WeChat chat


How to restore deleted WeChat chat history? Hello everyone, do you have the habit of cleaning up your phone memory and WeChat records?

No! After all, the memory of mobile phones is getting bigger and bigger. But, I have. Although the fluency of the mobile phone is okay, the memory is really not good. Therefore, the editor needs to clean up the memory frequently, of which WeChat occupies the largest memory. Therefore, the editor will regularly delete some unimportant chat records. However, often walking by the river, there are no wet shoes. When cleaning, I always accidentally delete very important chat records by mistake.

Don’t panic in such a situation, it’s not a big problem. The editor teaches you three recovery methods, and records from 2 years ago can be recovered.

Method 1: WeChat’s official repair method:

I believe many friends should know this method. The operation method is very simple:

Open WeChat Help and Feedback, click Select in the upper right corner to select Troubleshooting, click Chat History, and restart WeChat after the repair is complete. This method is applicable to the loss of chat history caused by mobile phones or WeChat itself.

Reminder: If you delete the WeChat chat history manually, please use this method with caution, because it may cause secondary damage to your own data, and it is not conducive to the recovery of WeChat chat data.

Method 2: Cloud backup and recovery method:

For those who use Apple mobile phones and have the habit of backing up mobile phone data, you can try to retrieve them from the iCloud backup of your mobile phone. The specific operations are as follows:

Open iCloud, check whether there is a data backup in your backup, enter the general in the phone settings, select restore after erasing all content and settings, be sure to select erase after uploading, and wait to enter the application and data interface, select Restore from iCloud cloud backup, and wait for the restoration.

Tips: Apple mobile phone iCloud can back up to 5GB of data. If there is too much data backed up on the mobile phone, it may cause the data not to be backed up and the WeChat chat history data cannot be restored.

WeChat chat history

Method 3: With the help of professional recovery tools:

Here, the editor I want to recommend to you is “Happy Phone Recovery Master”. In order to avoid piracy, you can go directly to the official website of Happy Mobile Recovery Master and download the appropriate version according to your computer system. For those who use a computer browser to search for Happy Phone Recovery Master, please look for the words on the official website.

Then run Happy Phone Recovery Master, when you see “Device is connected” displayed on the interface, select the Recovery through device scan mode.

Then click the Next button. In the data item icon interface, directly click the WeChat chat record icon to drive the system into the state of automatic analysis and identification.

After the scan, the data displayed in orange is the deleted chat history, check the WeChat chat history that needs to be restored, and then click Restore to Computer or Restore to Device.

If you are inconvenient to use the computer, we can also use the Happy Phone Recovery Master app to help restore WeChat chat records.

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Specific steps:

1. Open the Apple Mobile App Store and download the Happy Phone Recovery Master APP

2. We need to restore the deleted mobile phone data, and we can make an appointment and place an order according to personal needs

3. After receiving the order, the engineer will provide corresponding services according to personal needs. After both parties confirm the service effect, the order ends.

I believe that after reading the above tutorial, everyone knows how to do it. WeChat chat records are especially important for those who use WeChat as office communication documents to send and receive documents. You must collect such useful recovery skills!

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