Which smartphone is the best cost-effective, & suitable for girls?


Maybe no one would have thought that Vivo suddenly took the top position in the past two years and became number one in sales. If you really don’t know what to choose, it is recommended to directly look at the sales of mobile phone brands. More people will definitely not go wrong. Of course, in addition to looking at sales, the two most important points in choosing a mobile phone are budget and type. Girls generally like models with good photos and good looks. We follow this type and the direction is basically right. Here is my brief opinion:

1. Vivo X70 and Vivo X70 pro+

To be honest, I think the Vivo X70 pro is more suitable. It is well known that Vivo mobile phones have a high appearance. In addition, his cost performance has also improved in the past two years, and he no longer uses mid-to-low-end processors as before, just like Vivo X70 pro, his processor is Samsung Orion 1080, and the performance is not weak. The energy efficiency ratio of A78 and G78 has improved significantly, and the performance is still in the first echelon, and the 5nm process, power consumption, and heat control are good. Of course, it is not unfounded to recommend this phone, because according to the current market situation. This year’s Snapdragon 8 has a problem with the heating, and the price is more than Rs 35,000. We can also clearly see that this year’s mobile phones basically cancel the telephoto and periscope zoom modules.

Therefore, the Vivo X70 pro has directly become the first choice for the type of photo appearance at this price. First of all, the cloud-level scheme of the appearance of Vivo mobile phones has become a relatively classic identification mark, and this mobile phone also adopts a curved screen scheme, coupled with a thin and light design, it is really very comfortable for girls to hold. The feel of the AG matte process of the fuselage is also very delicate.

The core is still taking pictures. His camera advantage lies in the blessing of the V1 chip, which is a chip developed by Vivo, which can improve the ISP computing power of the mobile phone to the extreme, so we can clearly feel his speed and special when taking pictures. It also performs well in dark scenes. The anti-shake strength of the micro-gimbal is even more impeccable. The anti-shake of the micro-gimbal is multi-directional, so the effect is much better than the general optical anti-shake. And he also has a periscope lens that supports up to 60x digital zoom and 5x optical zoom. At present, we can see that there are almost no mobile phones with 3000-4000.

If you want to buy a high-end model for your girlfriend, then I would recommend the Vivo X70 pro+. It is precise because of the heat of the Snapdragon 8 that the performance has not improved much compared to the previous generation. At this time, the Qualcomm 888 plus carried by the Vivo X70 pro+ mobile phone can still play. Another core point is that it is a high-end model, so it is very recognizable and the configuration is complete. I chose this for my girlfriend.

The materials used for taking pictures are better than the former because his main lens has been upgraded to Samsung’s GN1 series. Of course, the key point is that it is the first full anti-shake model, four-lens main lens wide-angle and portrait, the periscope zoom supports optical image stabilization, and the wide-angle lens is also a self-developed micro-cloud platform. In addition to the V1 chip and Zeiss T coating process, as well as the high-transparency and low-dispersion lenses in detail, it does have little impact on the overall light. In addition, the natural light mode has been jointly developed with Zeiss, and the V1 chip plays a very important role. In addition to the high-end features such as water and dust protection, as well as wireless charging, it is still the leader in high-end mobile phones.

2. Xiaomi Mi 12:

This time, the direction of the Xiaomi Mi 12 is a small screen, which has a good feel. It is a new phone equipped with Snapdragon 8. In terms of performance, his actual performance is limited due to scheduling, so it is not bad for daily use, but the performance is not much improved, but it is still mainstream. This time he made the width of the phone 69.9mm, so we can easily hold it. It is enough for taking pictures. As we said just now, this year’s mobile phones at this price range do not have a particularly powerful zoom function. The reason people like him is that he takes into account both the screen and the battery life. Unlike the Apple mini-series or Samsung’s small screen, the battery capacity is directly reduced.

3. iPhone:

To be honest, everyone wants to try the iPhone, after all, its reputation in China has been good for so many years. It’s like BMW and Audi on mobile phones. When people have enough budget, they always want to try it to see if it works well or not. I don’t think this is vanity. It can only be said that it is a goal that everyone yearns for.

There is no need to choose the pro series, the ordinary version will do. For example, the iPhone 13, whose sales surged suddenly this year is because it has the biggest improvement over the years, the screen brightness has caught up with the pro version, and the design is also very beautiful. The A15 processor is his core because the core of Apple’s mobile phone is performance and system, so the experience is very good. The movie mode is added to the camera, the sensor area is increased, and there is no zoom, but the camera experience is good, the battery life is acceptable, and the signal is relatively stable after using the Qualcomm 5G baseband.


In fact, when choosing a mobile phone for a girl, I think it depends on his needs. Chinese smartphone brands like Realme, Vivo, and Xiaomi have a high appearance and good workmanship. The key is that their cost performance has improved. In addition, there are few models that take pictures this year and the performance of the processor has not improved much, so it is still not out of date.


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