6 Settings you need to turn off before it damages your smartphone


Today, I will share with you, our newly bought smartphone, don’t be in a hurry to use it, we have to turn off the following setting as soon as possible so that our smartphone can be used more smoothly and this will prevent it from lagging. The memory space will also increase the service life of the smartphone, because now our smartphones have many functions, and there are many functions that we cannot use, especially our elderly family members, who use smartphones, and do not know which functions should be turned off, and afraid to turn off the wrong features. Next, I will teach you how to turn off some unnecessary functions.

The first thing we need to do is to go to the settings to uninstall some pre-install apps. This uninstall method is also critical. We don’t want to press and hold on to the display for two seconds to directly click to uninstall. The correct way to uninstall the app is to open the phone’s settings, click on the application settings, find the application management, and click on it, you can see how many applications are searched here. If you bought a new smartphone, or your mobile phone has never uninstalled the application here, you can open this application management, and you will find that you may have hundreds of applications here so it takes up a lot of the memory of our mobile phone. Here we can uninstall some apps that are not commonly used.

Let’s first click on the application you want to uninstall. Here you should pay attention to the uninstall method. See below he has two options, one is to uninstall, and the other is to clear data. Here we must not click on the word uninstall first, we must first click on clear data, which occupies some cache garbage data of our mobile phone, first clear the data, then click on uninstall, this is how we uninstall the software. The correct operation method is also what we need to do in the first step. In this setting, first, clear the data and uninstall it.

The second is to turn off the function of automatic data synchronization. This is a synchronization function that all Android phones have. After this function is turned on. It is to back up all the data in our mobile phone. After we turn this function off, it can not only save battery power but also reduce the consumption of data traffic. We also find the account and synchronization in the settings and click it, and only Turn off the switches behind automatic synchronization and data synchronization under WiFi.

The third is to turn off the automatic update function of the mobile phone. I believe that many of our friends will often receive prompts for system updates, especially if we have used mobile phones for more than one year or two years, we should give this automatic update function to it. Turn it off, because the new system doesn’t match the phone you’re using now. After the update, it may cause the phone to freeze, black screen, and freeze. We also find the system update in the settings. If we can’t find it, we enter the system update in the upper search box, and then we click the three dots in the upper right corner. , turn off both smart update and automatic download switches, so that we will not receive system update reminders in the future,

The fourth is to turn off the self-start function. Our software will start automatically when it is turned on, which will not only cause the phone to freeze but also occupy our system resources, so we turn off some software that automatically starts in the background of the mobile phone. It is also in the settings to find the application settings and click the self-start management. Here we can put some software that is used more frequently without turning off its self-start management. If it is like some less commonly used software, you can set all the switches behind them. all closed,

. The fifth is to close the message notification in the software. We open the settings, find the notification, click it, and then click the notification management. Here we also choose to notify him to close some software that is not commonly used, such as some commonly used WeChat, DingTalk, or SMS that need to retain the software to receive notifications. you can keep it open.

That last feature we need to turn off the magazine lock screen. After this function is turned on, the system will keep downloading some pictures of the magazine lock screen, which will take up a lot of the memory of our mobile phone and consume our power and traffic, so we also need to open the settings of the mobile phone to find the lock screen. Then click on, and turn off the switch.

Then the above six functions, whether it is a new mobile phone you bought or a mobile phone you are using now. We all hope that everyone can turn off the sooner the better so that our mobile phones can be used more smoothly, save power, save traffic, and can be used for two or three years without any problem.


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