Which iOS version you should choose before upgrading to the latest iOS?

It has been almost half a year since the launch of iOS 15.6 RC, and it can still be installed normally now, do you remember it? With the breakthrough of iOS 15.6 RC, many systems after iOS 15.6 can be reinstalled. This is a fun thing for many people who like to upgrade/downgrade the system and a very “tangled” thing for people with “difficulty choosing”. With so many systems to choose from, which one is the most suitable?

Recently, many people have discussed this matter with me and shared their own experiences. Here, let me share my personal suggestions for system selection :

  • If you are still using an iPhone below iOS 15, if you want to get the best daily experience, it is best not to upgrade. If you want to change to a fresh system then iOS 15.7.2 is recommended.
  • iPhones already in iOS 15 do not plan to upgrade to iOS 16, so it is recommended to upgrade to iOS 15.7 or iOS 15.7.2.
  • If you have a mobile phone with a high refresh rate and often play games such as “PUBG or Free Fire”, it is recommended to update to iOS 15.7; for a mobile phone without a high refresh rate, it is recommended to upgrade to iOS 15.7.2.
  • If you are used to iOS 16 and do not plan to downgrade to iOS 15, it is recommended to use 16.1.1 for now, and then upgrade when iOS 16 is more perfect.
  • Those who don’t like changing around with mobile phones are fine.

In other words, there are three systems that are good: iOS 15.7, iOS 15.7.2, and iOS 16.1.1.

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