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Hello everyone so you have somehow deleted your photos from your Android smartphone permanently and now you are finding some ways to recover the deleted photos. You have watched many YouTube videos and read articles but did not find the way—everywhere they are using some paid software or app for recovering the photos, and videos.

So in this article, I will give you a free app to recover the photos and videos. The App name is “DiskDigger” and here I will show how to use DiskDigger App for Android and recover your lost photos and videos.

DeveloperDefiant Technologies LLC
NameDisk Digger
Size4.8 MB
UpdateA Few days ago

Download Old Versions of DiskDigger App

Before proceeding download and install the DiskDigger app to your Android device.

How to use DiskDigger App for Photo and Video Recovery?

01. First open the app on your device where you want to restore the photos and video files.

2. Allow all the permissions required by the app.

3. In the app you will find 2 buttons one with “Search for Lost Photos” and the other with “Search for Lost videos”. Click on the button “Search for Lost Photos” to find the photos.

3. The scanning process starts. The scanning process speed depends on the performance of your smartphone.

4. Wait for a few minutes to complete the scanning process.

5. Select the photos or videos you want to store on your device.

6. Finally click on the recover button to store the photos/videos.


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