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Download iOS Emoji Keyboard App – Emoji Keyboard 10 APK


To get iOS-style emoji on your Android device, you can try installing a third-party keyboard app that offers iOS emoji-style emojis. Look for keyboard apps like Gboard or SwiftKey that allow you to customize the emoji style. Once installed, you can select the iOS emoji style from the keyboard settings within the app. Keep in mind that the exact steps may vary depending on the keyboard app you choose, so make sure to explore the settings to find the option to change the emoji style.

Using iPhone Emoji Keyboard 10 App

To get iPhone iOS Emoji on your Android Phone just install Emoji Keyboard 10 app and get all the latest emojis of the iPhone on any of your Android devices.

ios emoji keyboard app


App NameEmoji Keyboard 10
Size18 MB
ReleasedA few Days Ago
Compatible with4.1 or higher
CategoryKeyboard Skin Design
Google Play linkPlay Store
Reviews Rating4.0
UpdateFew Days Ago

Download Old Versions of iOS Emoji Keyboard App

Looking to up your social media game? Look no further! Grab the newest emoji keyboard for Android and stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re after the latest iPhone emojis or just want to add some flair to your messages, this keyboard has got you covered. Express yourself with a rainbow of colors and adorable emojis wherever you go! Dive into the world of emojis and share everything from thumbs up👍 and heart emojis ❤️ to laughing fits😂 and cheeky poo emojis💩 with your friends. Get ready for a hilarious and colorful emoji adventure!

It includes all-new color emojis, which you can input and share with your friends, just bring you to the wonderful emoji color life.

Using this emoji keyboard you can send fun colorful and cute emojis to anyone in your contacts. This emoji keyboard has a lot of features like iOS emoji keyboard. You can also use thumbs-up and heart emojis to express your happiness.

How to get iOS-style emoji using Emoji Keyboard 10?

1. First, you have to download the app and then install it on your Android device.

enable emoji keyboard 10

2. Next, you have to open the app and grant all the permissions required.

3. Set the Emoji Keyboard App as your default keyboard app on your device.

4. After setting the Emoji Keyboard 10 app as the default keyboard then you are done and the setup is completed.

5. Now open any app for testing the New Emoji Keyboard app. Start to type and you will get to see the change.

6. Done! We hope this was helpful for you.


Is this app free or a paid one?

No, this app is 100% free and safe to use. You do not need to pay any money to use this app.

Does Emoji Keyboard 10 support all devices?

As of now, this app supports Android 4.4 to Android 13 and it is only available on Android Devices.

Is this App harmful to the device?

Emoji Keyboard 10 is a trusted and verified app in Google Play Protect so we can almost guarantee that it is not harmful to the device.


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