How to have multiple wechat accounts on iphone?


How to install 2 WeChat on a single iPhone. I bought an iPhone 12 for more than $1500, and my colleagues are very satisfied. He told me: Apple mobile phones are easy to use, play games smoothly, have high security, and won’t freeze after 3 years. I flatter him: Yes, the Apple mobile phone is good, the Apple mobile phone is the best mobile phone in the world. When I heard the needle in my words, my colleague was not happy: Why? Isn’t the Apple mobile phone the best mobile phone in the world?

I rightly said: Does your iPhone 12 have a 4000 mAh battery? Is there a 30W fast charge? Is there an on-screen fingerprint to unlock? Is there a lift camera? Colleagues don’t care: These are all superficial parameters. Apple’s mobile phone has an IOS system, is that enough? I asked the other way: the IOS system is indeed excellent, but can it double open WeChat? Hearing what I said, my colleague expressed interest. He looked at me with an inquiring look: How about you teach me?

Seeing my colleague’s sincere gaze, I will tell him how to open WeChat in the IOS system. After listening, my colleagues complained: IOS WeChat dual opening is really troublesome, it seems that Android phones also have many advantages. Now I will tell you how to open WeChat on IOS.

1. Is it difficult to dual-open WeChat? Why can’t the IOS system dual-open WeChat?
The iPhone has many advantages. Based on the starting point of seeking truth from facts, I must like the iPhone. However, the iPhone is also a very arrogant mobile phone brand, which is inextricably related to the IOS system.

As we all know, the biggest feature of the IOS system is its closeness. Because of this feature, the security and fluency of the iPhone are greatly improved. But this also makes the related permissions of the IOS system extremely demanding. Do you want to download software that is not on the Appstore? Sorry, the IOS system is not open to you! Do you want to double open WeChat? Unfortunately, IOS will not allow two identical apps to appear on the interface. All in all, the IOS system is unreasonable, leaving you helpless.

In fact, WeChat dual-opening is not a big problem. Android phones and WeChat dual-opening are easy tasks. Even some knock-off phones have been able to open WeChat eight times, so is it difficult to open WeChat? In the final analysis, there are several reasons why the IOS system cannot be dual-opened.

How to install 2 WeChat on a single iPhone?

The first reason is that WeChat does not originally support the function of WeChat dual opening, so the IOS system cannot improve the underlying code for WeChat dual opening. As for Android phones that can dual-open WeChat, that’s because the Android system is open source, and continuous optimization of the Android system has become a daily demand for Android manufacturers.

The second reason is that the IOS system can keep the iPhone safe. The main reason is to ensure the stability of the underlying architecture. WeChat dual opening does not meet the stable requirements of the IOS system, so the IOS system does not support WeChat dual opening.

Third, in Apple’s view, WeChat dual opening is a non-essential function, just like screen fingerprints, 48 ​​million pixels, waterdrop screen design, 30W fast charge, and high-power battery are all non-essential functions. To put it bluntly, do you need some features? It’s whether Apple thinks it is necessary, and this is the arrogance of Apple and the arrogance of the IOS system.

2. The IOS system is so arrogant, then how do we double open WeChat? Spend money on services
Do you want to double open WeChat in the IOS system? Then I will say one of the tackiest methods, and that is to spend money. Although this method is tackier and costs your money, this method is the most convenient and fastest way to open a WeChat account.

There are also 200 million. Although not everyone has a demand for WeChat dual-opening, as long as 1% of people need it, then there is a 2 million market. Because of this market, many official accounts and digital bloggers on the market provide WeChat dual-opening services. Some people sell software and earn more than 10,000 a month in good times. Some people share tutorials, and there are many people with a monthly income of over 10,000.

As for what software these people use and what tutorials do they use? I won’t say much here, lest someone say that I promote the tutorial, then I will not be able to clean up when I jump into the Yellow River. However, I still advise you not to buy online. After all, when it comes to money, everyone should be cautious.

3. IOS jailbreak is an old-fashioned method. After jailbreaking, it is very easy to use WeChat dual opening for the IOS system. In the era of the iPhone 4, many mobile phone shops and mobile shopping malls provided his IOS jailbreak service. The so-called IOS jailbreak is simply a red command to obtain the ROOT permission of the IOS system. With this permission, the closedness of the IOS system becomes without deterrence, and it becomes easy if it is difficult to double open WeChat.

Of course, the jailbroken IOS system can not only double open WeChat, but also download non-Appstore software, and log in to the webpage you wanted to log in to but couldn’t log in to. Of course, the jailbroken IOS system is not a good system. Its security cannot be guaranteed, and bugs will appear from time to time. If this is the case, then I think the loss of mobile phone security due to WeChat dual-opening is not worth the loss!

4. If you mind switching accounts, then switching between two accounts is also a WeChat dual-opening experience. Can we change our thinking, the so-called WeChat dual opening means that two WeChat accounts can be used at the same time? That being the case, users with WeChat dual-opening can switch accounts in the settings column.

When you need to log in to account A, you log in to account A to use it. When you want to change account B to log in, then switch user B account in the setting column. Although this experience cannot run at the same time, you can also get a WeChat dual-open experience in a short time. Why not do this?

How to install 2 WeChat on a single iPhone?

To put it bluntly, this is a kind of experience perception. If you are not demanding and are willing to accept WeChat switching and stay, then this is WeChat dual opening.

5. Use iPhone’s built-in browser to search for WeChat dual-opening software
Many browsers can be downloaded on the Appstore, but only by searching for the WeChat dual-opening software on the iPhone’s built-in Safari. However, this WeChat dual-opening software is unstable, and maybe it will be unavailable someday. What’s more, WeChat dual-opening is not supported by WeChat and iPhone. If you frequently use this software to operate the WeChat dual-opening service, then your WeChat account will be blocked. No wonder someone else.

6. The web version of WeChat dual-opening is safe and effective, but the experience is very poor
In addition to the app dual-opening WeChat, we can also double-open the web page and WeChat. In the specific operation room, open the iPhone’s built-in browser Safari, search for “web version of WeChat”, and click “request desktop site”. At this time, the browser will become a PC and a QR code will pop up. Just scan this QR code. Use the WeChat web version to operate. This method is safe and effective, but the experience is not as rich as the app. It is also cumbersome to operate. If there is not an urgent need, it is not recommended to use the web version of WeChat.

7. If you are not short of money! Then just buy a new iPhone. What if you have two WeChat accounts, and the iPhone does not support WeChat dual opening, and I don’t want to perform the above operations, what should I do? If you are not bad money, then buy another iPhone. According to the age of the smartphone, Android phones are generally used for 3 years as the limit, while iPhone phones can be used for 5 years. In these 5 years, buying another iPhone is a matter of course. If you have two iPhones, then WeChat dual opening is a breeze. Of course, this is just a conceptual change.

8. Hearing what I said at seven o’clock, my colleague yelled unexpectedly: It turns out that WeChat Shuangkai has so much knowledge. I said with a smile: Do you still think the IOS system has no shortcomings? The colleague nodded: The IOS system is indeed arrogant. The simple dual-opening of WeChat on Android has become so difficult for IOS. Next time I buy a new phone, I will also buy an Android phone to try.

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