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Top 10 best games for smartphones. Nowadays we all are stuck in our homes not going outside not playing on the playground and getting bored or stuck in our office work and looking for something with which we can just take a break to our refresh our minds. So here are some of the trending and top-rated mobile games in 2022 to play on your smartphones and to enjoy your free time and relax.

Garena free fire:

Garena free fire is a game that has a separate fan base globally and especially in India. If you are in India I can assure you that you are going to find lots of kids who are above 13+ are playing this game. It has such a great crazy all over the country that not only students but adults as well play it and invest in it to buy stuff in it. If you are someone who is looking for an action-packed game this is something you can go for.

Battlegrounds mobile:

Battlegrounds mobile is another game in this genre. It is actually a copy of PUBG mobile for Indians and its previous name was Fauji. But the irony is there is not much crazy in the public as of Garena free fire but the no of players is quite huge in number. Some people don’t play it because they find nothing new in it and some say they are not excited about it because of its bad visual effects.

Call of duty mobile:

Call of duty is a game based on modern warfare which comes from the same genre as the other two. It has a separate fan base and there is a lot of player in it. But people prefer to play it not on mobile but on PS4 or XBOX because it requires a lot of data consumption to download and to play as well but the gaming experience is quite awesome. I will suggest playing this game only if you have wifi in your house. This is game is for someone who is looking to experience a war virtually and be a part of it.

Clash of clans:

A game that has the next level of madness in the minds of people around the world. It is a strategic game in which you have to make your own kingdom protect it grow it and rule it. It was at its peak still now because there is the next level of fun in playing this game and you are going to love it if want to become a king rule a kingdom of your own, VIRTUALLY !!

Among us:

Among us is a very simple game in which a group of astronauts are in space and are offered a task to complete. Globally it has gained a lot of players and has many followers of the game.

Asphalt 9:

The asphalt series is a giant in the Mobile car racing industry. This time it has improved graphics, new places, latest car models like Ferrari, Bugatti, Porsche, etc. If are a car racing lover this is just the thing on the market on mobile.


It is one of those games that came into existence out of nowhere and shook the gaming industry at its core. Its building mechanics is the best in the business right now. And its pixelated style gives it a retro look.


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