Which is the faster processor Apple A13 or Huawei Kirin 990 processor? Apple A13 vs Huawei Kirin 990


Seeing that the subject compares the Apple A13 with the Kirin 990, I find it amusing. What is the age, and the chip is still being compared separately. To be honest, how can the performance of a separate mobile phone chip be strong? Today is the era of SoC chips, and we are still talking about the strength of mobile phone chips alone, which is too backward!

1. The performance of a single mobile phone chip is useless:

I don’t know if anyone knows about Texas Instruments, an American company. He was also a manufacturer of mobile phone chips back then, and the chip performance was excellent, but in the end he had to shut down the mobile phone chip business! Any idea why? Because of Qualcomm, because Qualcomm has SoC chips coming out!

Qualcomm’s SoC chip integrates the baseband. In this case, mobile phone manufacturers only need one chip to do it, and there is no need to use it with an external baseband. It can not only solve problems such as power consumption and mobile phone design layout space, but more importantly, the SoC chip. In terms of price, it is not more expensive than your simple mobile phone chip from Texas Instruments.

In this way, although the performance of a single mobile phone chip of Texas Instruments is stronger than that of Qualcomm, in the end, Texas Instruments still can’t compete with Qualcomm and closed the business of mobile phone chips.

2. The gap between Apple A13 and Kirin 990:

Today’s topic compares Apple A13 and Kirin 990. In fact, it is a copy of Texas Instruments and Qualcomm. The performance of the A13 chip may be higher than that of Kirin 990, but Kirin 990 has realized SoC, becoming the world’s first integrated 5G baseband If you compare the two flagship chips, the A13 is not as good as the Kirin 990 as a whole.

The subject said that it is better than the actual performance, which is simply incomparable. A13 can’t do 5G, Kirin 990 can achieve 5G, and the functions are completely different! Also, keep in mind that since the Kirin 900 integrates the baseband, the overall R&D difficulty is much higher than that of the A13. The integrated baseband is not a simple two-in-one, and many technical problems need to be solved. Apple’s mobile phone chips can only survive now because it has its own mobile phone brand, otherwise Apple’s mobile phone chip business would have gone out of business like Texas Instruments back then.

Therefore, apple fans should stop using A-series processors to blow for Apple. Really, today’s Apple is lagging behind. Under Cook’s leadership, each year is not as good as the year, and the current Apple is no longer what Steve Jobs was. There is nothing wrong with admitting backwardness. It is right to be ashamed and courageous, to recognize one’s current situation, and to work hard to become stronger. Just like many domestic enterprises in our country, this is the right way. Desperately grabbing a point and blowing it without seeing the overall backwardness, this is the most deadly!


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