What is the main difference between a 6GB and 8GB RAM smartphone?


Many times when we buy a mobile phone, the salesperson will introduce the parameter of running memory to us, and 6GB and 8GB are the more common configurations at present. Is it true that the phone is smoother as the salesperson said? Of course not, the speed of our mobile phone is not only determined by the factor of memory. It is determined by the mobile phone’s CPU, memory read and write speed, system optimization, and other comprehensive aspects. It’s not just a factor of running memory at all, so what’s the difference between them?

When it comes to the running memory of this mobile phone, many people do not really understand the meaning, and there are even some people who confuse it with the storage memory of the fuselage. A small friend once asked me about his mobile phone card, can you help analyze it, and then I asked him about the mobile phone Model, how big is the running memory? He told me that 64GB could not be fixed for him at the time. Is there such a large running memory now? In the end, after asking for a long time, I couldn’t get him to send me a screenshot. As a result, he has 4GB of running memory and 64GB of body storage memory. In fact, many small partners have no concept of this mobile phone memory. They all indirectly believe that the larger the body storage memory, the better. The salesperson who went to the physical store to buy a mobile phone also deliberately ignored the key points, and only said how much the body storage memory is. Basically, the running memory is not mentioned, which also misleads people who do not understand mobile phones to look at the storage memory of the fuselage.

Next, I will focus on telling you what is the main function of running memory and body storage memory. Before answering this question, I will first popularize the three elements that determine the performance of mobile phones. Speaking of CPU, running memory (RAM), and body storage memory (ROM) are three important factors that determine the running speed of the mobile phone, among which the CPU directly determines the running speed of the mobile phone and the positioning grade of the mobile phone, that is, the better the CPU, the better the performance of the mobile phone. The stronger it is, then there is the mobile phone operating memory (ARM), which is the second-largest factor affecting the operating speed of the mobile phone after the CPU. The operating memory of the mobile phone, as the name suggests, provides space for the mobile phone to run, which means that all applications are running in the running memory. The biggest feature of the running memory is the high cost, the fast reading speed only provides temporary cache space for the software to run, and the data disappears when the power is turned off. Therefore, the general capacity of running memory is not very large. At present, the most common ones are 6GB 8GB 12GB 16GB, of which 4GB and below are basically used on some low-end elderly machines.

When we buy a mobile phone, we must ask about the running memory size, so how to judge the standard for selecting the running memory size? In fact, this is very simple. We basically have no problem with the mainstream selection of the year. You can usually look at some mobile phone conferences, then refer to the running memory of their released models, and then choose the middle position. It’s right, for example For example, the models released by mobile phone manufacturers in the past were between 6GB and 12GB, so we chose 8GB so that it would not be eliminated soon, and it could also meet the needs of mainstream software running in that year. In fact, the choice of mobile phone operating memory still needs to see Your own use and expected lifespan. If you want to use it for a few more years and play large games, it is recommended to choose the largest running memory released in that year. If you want to change it every year, you can choose the entry standard version. This is completely It has something to do with the age of your own use, and the most important thing is to look at the wallet.

Let’s talk about the body storage memory. The main purpose of this body storage memory is to store data. All software clients include the system itself and the photos, videos, and various documents that are stored in the body storage memory. The biggest feature is that it has a large capacity and can store data permanently. Our common capacity is 64GB, 128GB, 512GB 1TB. There may be 2TB in the later stage. This is completely related to everyone’s needs. The pixels are getting higher and higher. In the past, a photo was a few hundred kilograms, and the maximum was only a few megapixels. But now it is 100 million pixels. A few gigabytes for a period, not to mention dozens of gigabytes for games, and the software is constantly updated. One WeChat QQ can occupy more than a dozen gigabytes. As the cache increases, it will become larger and larger. I have seen a WeChat account The owner of 30GB, probably hasn’t cleared the cached data for several years.

For the choice of body storage memory, I personally recommend that if the mobile phone configuration is low and you are going to use it for a year or two, then you can choose the entry-level that year, but I personally recommend a minimum of 128Gb. If the configuration is high enough and you want to use it for a few more years, then it is recommended to choose the top configuration of the year and recommend 512GB or more. It must be in this era when the phone is not just a mobile phone. It may be a game console or a camera. Now many people are in I am working on my mobile phone, so the data storage capacity must be enough. In addition, the Android phone will increase a lot of cache files when it runs for a long time. If the storage memory of the fuselage is too small, it will be full after a long time of checking. It is my own. The 256GB has been used for less than two years, that is, only a few commonly used software and two or three games have been installed, and some daily photos are basically full. Once the storage of the body is full, it will affect the operation of the mobile phone. , so the body storage memory can not be too small, but the body storage and running memory focus on the running memory, because the body storage memory is not enough, it can be solved by deleting some software or restoring the factory settings, once the running memory is If it’s not enough, just buy a new phone.

I said so much above, I don’t know if my friends understand it, but I really don’t understand. Let me give a simple analogy. The running memory is like a material cache area next to a processing table, and the storage memory of the body is like a warehouse. To process a product, you need to start from The warehouse puts the materials in the cache area next to the processing table in advance, and it will be used directly for processing. If your cache area is too small, you will put fewer materials at one time, so the processing speed will naturally be slow. If the cache area is large Naturally, the things that can be processed are more and faster. The storage memory of the fuselage is like a warehouse. The larger the warehouse, the more things can be stored. If the warehouse is full, there is no way to store anything. Computer hard disk is a concept, and running memory is the same as computer memory, so when we choose, we must consider our own use, budget, service life, and the configuration of the mobile phone itself to comprehensively evaluate.

As for the main difference between 6GB and 8GB, it is the number of running programs. In simple words, 8GB can run more programs than 6GB at the same time. The memory mechanism of the Android system is that when you run the software, it will hang for you in the background. The more you run, the more memory it will take up. That is to say, when the program you run exceeds 6GB, you will feel very stuck. At this time, 8GB has the advantage. It came out, so the real difference between 6GB and 8GB is that when the running capacity is greater than 6G, 8G can still run smoothly. If the program you run does not reach 6G, there is no obvious difference between them, then at this time, what really determines the performance of the mobile phone is The CPU is gone. If the CPU is not enough, you will run the memory as much as possible. This is like using the Snapdragon 888 with 6GB to compare the Snapdragon 865 with 8GB. If the running memory is not fully loaded, the 865 will never be able to do it with 8GB. 888 is equipped with 6GB, so what really determines the performance of the mobile phone is the CPU. In other words, buying a mobile phone to see the CPU is also a good choice. Generally speaking, the other configurations of the flagship CPU model are not bad. Well, I will say that much.


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