Top 5 Short Video Apps In India | Best short video apps 2022


Short Video Apps In India

In the year 2019, an app came on the internet known as Tik Tok. This is from when the short videos started coming into trend and in 2020 when Tik Tok was banned in India. Many other platforms started coming into existence and they gained more popularity at that time as the pandemic was outside and people started to do time pass in these things. It has made many people overnight stars and still making. So if you want to become an actor. Here are some of the known and unknown apps for you to make videos and to start being famous on the internet.

Best Short Videos App in India 2022:

1. Instagram reels:

The first platform in this list is Instagram reels. After Tik Tok started trending in the world Instagram created its own platform for making short videos by adding new features like amazing effects, new creative tools, sharing with friends making it available on your feed, and making them popular easily. Making reels on Instagram is the best idea after tik tok because it has a big amount of audience, easier to reach, and has lots of new filters which make it a better place to make short entertaining and informative videos.

Download link: Instagram Reel

2. Youtube shorts

In September 2020, Youtube announced Youtube shorts and made them public. Before this, it was a place only to share long videos but after this many youtube creates sharted making short videos for entertainment purposes as well as informative purposes. Like Instagram, Youtube also has the advantage of its huge audience as well as content creators worldwide which makes it easier to gain more views, likes as well as to start being popular.

Download Link: Youtube Shorts

3. MX TakaTak:

It was the most famous short video app that Tiktokers used after Tik Tok got banned in India. For all the Tik Tok content creators who were looking for a platform to post their videos on the internet, it was their first place and it was also called the second home of Tiktokers in India by some people. It has some of the most popular content creators like Jannat Zubair, Avaneet Kaur, Sofia Ansari, and many more.

Download Link: Mx Takatak

4. Moj by Sharechat:

It is called the one-stop destination to watch trendy short videos, build your audience and become a star. This app is designed by a team of developers who designed Snapchat. It has many good filters and an in-build video editor which makes things easier to create and publish on the internet. It has special stickers which are called desi stickers.

Download Link: Moj

5. Josh:

It is known as the made-in-India app for TikTokers worldwide. It is easy to shoot videos because of its filters and thousand of background sounds that make things easier to create. This is a platform to forecast talents to the whole world. This video community app lets you follow your favorite entertainer for good fun and entertainment. So bring your josh up because this Indian video app has become a trendsetter on social media now!

Download Link: Josh

6. Chingari:

It was the first made in India app that was built after Tik Tok goes banned in India. It is basically a social networking video-sharing platform created for sharing and posting short videos on the internet.

Download Link: Chingari


This is the list of some of the best short video apps that are going to make you a star. Hope this helps you in starting your acting journey from scratch. Share it with your friends and start the journey of getting popular and earning fame in society.


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