What is the difference between Xiaomi and Redmi Smartphones?

What is the difference between Xiaomi and Redmi phones?


What is the difference between Xiaomi and Redmi Smartphones? So let me answer they are the smartphone brand of the same company. Why do many people think that Xiaomi smartphones are better than Redmi phones? What is the difference between them? In order to understand this question, I asked a few of my friends who use Xiaomi smartphones and Redmi phones.

1. Phone quality: My friends think that the quality of Xiaomi smartphones is better. A colleague of mine bought the Redmi K30 Extreme Edition for Rs. 24,000, and he has a lot of criticisms about this phone. It turned out that after using his Redmi phone for less than 2 months, the battery of the phone become very low after using it for a few hours. He went to the service center to report the problem, and the service center staff replaced him with a battery. Because of this battery replacement incident, he shared his views on Xiaomi smartphones and Redmi phones. He has used a Xiaomi smartphone before but the battery of the phone was very good and worked fine for 3 years. This Redmi phone is not durable after 2 months. It seems that the quality of the Xiaomi smartphone is better. I agree with my friend’s point of view because I have used Xiaomi smartphones myself. In terms of a smartphone’s built quality, battery durability, and smartphone quality, Xiaomi smartphones are indeed much better.

So the question is, it’s all products of the same company. Why is the quality of Xiaomi smartphones better than Redmi phones? The reason is that the production models of the two smartphone brands are different. It is reported that the production of Xiaomi smartphones is its own research and development plan, design concept, and a separate production line. Even if the production of Xiaomi smartphones still relies on foundries, the quality of its products is controlled by Xiaomi itself, so the quality of Xiaomi smartphones purchased by consumers is more secure.

The production of Redmi smartphones is different from Xiaomi smartphones. Its smartphone design, research and development, production, and sales rely on third parties, so the quality of its phones is not as good as Xiaomi smartphones. Of course, in recent years, under the leadership of Lu Weibing, the quality control standards of Redmi phones have been improved. For example, Redmi k series models have also adopted Xiaomi’s independent production line model. It is believed that in the near future, the experience of Redmi phones will rise to a higher level.

2. Price advantage: In comparison, Redmi phones are more cost-effective. This is the biggest difference between Redmi phones and Xiaomi smartphones
What do you care about most when buying a new smartphone? The first thing is the quality of the smartphone. If the quality of the smartphone is not good, then this smartphone will be bought for nothing. The second is the price of smartphones. After all, you can buy better smartphones for less money. This is the point that many people value most when buying smartphones. As we all know, Redmi phones are cost-effective phones with the most kind price under the same configuration and the most abundant configuration under the same price. Because of this advantage, the market share of Redmi smartphones ranks second in the country, second only to oppo smartphones. So, why is the price of Redmi phones so cheap? I think there are several reasons.

Redmi is positioned in the low-end market and is willing to benefit consumers and win the recognition of consumers through kind prices, thereby gaining a higher share of the market. In other words, Redmi is willing to make small profits but quicker sales, which is also the fundamental reason why Redmi can stand up.

Redmi focuses on configuration, so it strives for excellence in core components? And don’t spend too much time on some insignificant but high-cost parts, such as curved screens. This kind of screen is not just needed, but its cost is high. Therefore, Redmi phones rarely use curved screen designs. It is also a choice in terms of performance and price.

3. Brand value: The brand influence of Xiaomi smartphones is greater than that of Redmi phones, which is why it is difficult for Redmi phones to become high-end phones. Regardless of the appearance, configuration, and build quality, the Redmi phone is not weaker than other flagship models. I think many people thought that Redmi phones don’t have many faces to use, while Xiaomi smartphones are a little better to use. This is the most significant difference between Redmi phones and Xiaomi smartphones. Why does this happen? I think there are two points for reference.

Xiaomi smartphones took the cost-effective route. For this reason, it is difficult for Xiaomi smartphones to enter the high-end market. The emergence of Redmi phones has replaced the cost-effective route of Xiaomi smartphones. As a result, Xiaomi smartphones can be cultivated in the high-end market, and its brand value will rise, and this increase in brand value is based on Redmi phones.

Redmi has established itself in the low-end market. Even without the influence of Xiaomi smartphones, Redmi has become the spokesperson for non-high-end phones. Therefore, many people who use Redmi will feel that they are using non-high-end phones, and this is also the normal psychology of consumers. Because of the lack of brand value, the sales of Redmi K series models are far inferior to the Redmi Note series and Redmi Digital series. This shows that it is very difficult for cost-effective models to enter the high-end smartphone market.


4. Market reputation: Sales volume is the only criterion for testing market reputation. At present, the reputation of Redmi phones is even better.
Many people think that the better the quality of the phone, the better the reputation of the phone. For this view, I think it is one-sided. I think sales is the only criterion for testing market reputation. Therefore, the reputation of Redmi phones should be better than Xiaomi smartphones. This is also the point where Redmi phones are stronger than Xiaomi smartphones, and it is also a lot of people. The difference is easy to overlook. The configuration, experience, and materials of the Redmi smartphone are better than those of the friends at the same price, and they are also more kind than the Xiaomi smartphone. I spend the same money to get a better experience, and consumers will help me out. So everyone has seen that in the second quarter of this year, the market share of Redmi phones was only that of Oppo. As a sub-brand of Xiaomi, Redmi can achieve this result. This is the recognition of consumers for Redmi, and it is also the embodiment of Redmi’s better reputation than Xiaomi.

5. If you want to buy a smartphone with a better experience, then Xiaomi is more worthy of choice than Redmi. Although Redmi phones are more cost-effective and have higher market sales, because Redmi phones are a sub-brand of Xiaomi smartphones, Redmi phones have natural limitations. This limitation is that the limit of Redmi phones cannot surpass Xiaomi smartphones. Once it surpasses Xiaomi smartphones, it will squeeze the market for Xiaomi smartphones.

As we all know, the Redmi smartphone was born to help Xiaomi occupy the low-end market. Although Redmi has also launched the k series, there is still a big gap between the k series and the Xiaomi digital series, and this gap will remain for a long time. As for the reason, everyone is also very clear, that is, the positioning of the two brands is different, and the consumer groups are different. Therefore, it is impossible for Redmi to compete with Big Brother and launch a smartphone with a better experience. If you like the Xiaomi brand and want to buy a smartphone with a better experience, then the Redmi phone is not within your consideration. This is also the obvious difference between Redmi and Xiaomi smartphones.

As a leader in the smartphone market, Xiaomi and Redmi each operate their own markets. Redmi phones pay attention to high-cost performance, balance performance, and price so that everyone can buy high-quality and low-cost phones. And Xiaomi smartphones focus on experience and maximize the hardware configuration of smartphones to the extreme while making a profit as much as possible to create the best smartphones for consumers.


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