which smartphone brand is the best

Which is the best smartphone brand 2021?

The core of the main question is that you want to change your phone. What brand is good? In fact, when choosing mobile phones, we are all dizzy by the current mobile phones of various brands, because there are too many brands and too many models. But I think it’s always right to choose according to sales, in this case, just like when we eat, it’s always right to go to a crowded place to eat. The same is true when choosing a mobile phone. If a brand sells well, then it must have its own characteristics. At the same time, these characteristics and highlights are recognized or accepted by most people, or they are more practical. Let’s get more details. Say it:

First: The first one I want to recommend is the mobile phone brand Vivo.
Because in terms of sales volume, we can actually see that in the first and second quarters of 2021, this brand’s mobile phone sales are ranked first in China. Of course, this is also well-documented, as shown in the figure below.

Of course, objectively speaking, Vivo is a mobile phone brand. We are not unfamiliar, because he should be regarded as one of the three earliest mobile phone brands in China. It has been rooted in the industry for more than ten years, including deep cultivation offline and strength in mobile phone quality and quality control. At the same time, in the past two years, we can see that Vivo’s products have also begun to take a diversified route. For example, his iQOO series is really popular with people, and its own Vivo flagship has changed from the usual, such as Vivo X and S They actually have a flagship processor in the series, but the design value and camera are still top-notch, and we no longer have to complain about their high prices and low prices.

1. If you are personally concerned about the appearance of mobile phones and taking pictures, I think the Vivo X series is a good choice. The models I recommend are the vivoX60 series and the vivoX70 series.

Let me talk about the vivoX60 series first. In fact, the biggest change of the vivoX60 series this time, I think it is the performance, the design, and quality control of the Vivo appearance, which should be known to everyone, and we can look at the previous models released by the Vivo and we will find that his appearance is How tall is it. The waterdrop screen design of the vivoX23 period, the lifting lens of the vivoX27, the smallest perforation solution of the vivoX30 series, the cloud-level lens solution of the vivoX50 series also have a micro-head architecture, but people only disagree with his performance, but this year In the vivoX60 series of mobile phones, he directly upgraded to the flagship 1080 series Samsung processor, 5nm process and the latest A78 and G78 architecture, and the ability directly soared to the point where it can compete with Qualcomm 888 and Kirin 9000.

The most amazing thing is that his standards in other places have not been lowered. For example, in his design this time, the overall color scheme including screen quality is still top-notch, 120HZ refresh rate, and top-level Samsung Super AMOLED screen. At the same time, the details are also very beautiful, both in terms of look and feel compared to the previous generation of flagships have also been improved again.

In addition, in terms of taking pictures, we also saw him equipped with the second-generation micro-head architecture this time, and also cooperated with Zeiss. Vivo and Zeiss have also established a global imaging laboratory, and Zeiss’s T coating process There is also a logo directly on the Vivo phone, coupled with the latest blacklight night vision algorithm, indeed the overall camera ability has been further improved.

Let’s talk about the upcoming vivoX70 series. Of course, I think this phone is still good because it will be released on September 9. From an objective point of view, the price of the vivoX70 series should not be too different from the previous generation. In the Vivo X series of mobile phones, it has been several years, and it can be said that it has not changed.

But this time the vivoX70 series is more distinctive. For example, in terms of photography, he has developed the V1 chip, which is the ISP chip, which will be used in the vivoX70 series of mobile phones, which means that the strength of photography and imaging will be greatly improved. At the same time, in terms of performance, I don’t think there is any need to worry, because after all, the previous generation of vivoX60 has already used the flagship processor. And in terms of color matching and design, there have been recent exposures. It can be said that it is highly recognizable. In terms of appearance, Vivo has never let us down.


2. For users who require high-cost performance, I think you will like the iQOO series of mobile phones.

Because we can see that iQOO was established in 2019 now, and it has been loved by users in just three years. I think it is because he not only achieves cost-effectiveness but also optimizes the performance separately. We can look at the entire series of iQOO phones and find that they have a strong blessing on heat dissipation and game optimization. I recommend the iQOO8, which was recently released by iQOO.

The feature of this phone is that the overall appearance is higher, the logo design and the material of the body have changed compared to before, and the overall feel is better. At the same time, the iQOO8 series uses 1500nit high-brightness E5 material directly on the screen, and there is also a 1.07 billion-color screen, including a 120HZ refresh rate. In the iQOO8pro mobile phone, 2K resolution is used, and it has a contrast ratio of 800W:1, which also has a 120HZ continuously variable speed function equipped with LTPO. The quality of the screen can be said to be the highest this year.

Of course, the price of the former of these two phones is lower, so the configuration is still Qualcomm 888. The pro version uses the Qualcomm 888plus series directly. Of course, from an objective point of view, the basic version is enough. Although the pro version is very strong, the price is higher. I personally think it is really unnecessary unless it is your Sufficient personal budget or high requirements for mobile phones as a whole.

For gaming, dual X-axis motors and pressure-sensitive touch are of course available in these two phones. Including 120W fast charging power, dual speakers, and a HIFI chip. However, the pro version has added a 50W fast charge, and the design of the screen is curved.

In fact, iQOO has good mobile phones to choose from in various price ranges, such as the 2000+ iQOOneo5 series and the 1000+ iQOO Z3 series. The price/performance ratio is very good at the same price.

Second: Xiaomi mobile phones are still a very good choice for us.
Xiaomi is considered to be the founder of cost-effective mobile phones. We know that he is facing more pressure now, but there is no way. The cost-effective route is really not difficult. The key is that manufacturers like OV have more reliable quality and workmanship. better.

However, if you are a Mi Fan with extremely high configuration requirements, Xiaomi’s mobile phones are still top-notch. For the Redmi K40 series, we will find that it is equipped with a Qualcomm 870 processor, but the price is not high. Because Qualcomm 870 is an upgraded version of 865, you should know that this processor was indeed carried by various high-end mobile phone brands last year, so it can be seen that it is strong. Compared with Qualcomm 865, Qualcomm 870 has increased its main frequency to 3.2GHZ. In addition, The GPU core frequency has also increased. The key is that the price of Redmi equipped with this processor is only 2000+, and the overall configuration is also very balanced. It can be said that there are no major shortcomings. X-axis motor, dual speakers, and high refresh rate are all. some.

In terms of flagship phones, the Xiaomi Mi 11 series performed well. Because it is equipped with a Qualcomm 888 processor, as well as a 2K resolution directly, but the price does not change. The key is that the overall configuration performance is very good. Compared with last year, for example, the fast charging is directly improved to 50W fast charging and wireless charging compared to Xiaomi 10. Although the camera is still a 100 million pixel lens, it gives 30 times. Digital zoom.

3. Apple’s mobile phone is still the last brand model to be welcomed.
Two days ago, we also saw the hot search on iPhone11. Because of the price reduction, we also need to know that this is a model released by Apple in 2019, which shows the popularity of Apple’s mobile phone, and it is also a 4G mobile phone.

However, Apple mobile phones do have their own characteristics, especially the efficiency and smoothness of ios in the system. Even if the iPhone 11 is the flagship of Apple in 19 years, the combination of the A13 processor and the ios system on it, the overall experience is still very good. of.

At the same time, the iPhone is also changing. For example, starting from the iPhone 11, he used the night scene and wide-angle modes that are still popular on Android phones. Of course, fast charging is also supported by the iPhone 8, and the overall experience is indeed more in line with the habits of the Chinese. Of course, the price of the iPhone 12 released in 2020 is not high. After all, since the price of the basic version has not increased much since the 12th, it has also begun to use flexible screens and 1080p resolutions instead of the big black borders and black borders like XR and 11. The combination of an LCD screen. At the same time, the configuration details have also been improved, and the overall appearance and experience are indeed better.

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