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How reliable a wireless earphone can be?


How reliable a wireless earphone can be? The wireless earphones are the same as wired earphones, the cheap ones can be as low as tens of dollars, and the more expensive ones can be one or two thousand or even tens of thousands. But personally feel that if you really want to buy a reliable headset, it will cost at least a few thousand. There are one or two hundred, but the sound quality and connection are very average, can only be said to be audible, and the functions are very basic. But add one more point, then you can buy noise-canceling wireless headphones. No matter the design, the workmanship, and the actual user experience, it will be much better. Of course, if you are looking for a better experience, you can buy earphones which cost more than Rs 10000, but The improvement is not so obvious.

At present, the price of mainstream earphones is around Rs 7,000. If you don’t believe me, let’s take a look at how much the earphones from several major mobile phone manufacturers cost. Xiaomi’s noise-canceling earphone 3 Pro is Rs 8000 approx, OPPO Enco X is Rs 11,000 (high-end flagship), and OPPO Enco Free 2 the standard noise reduction headset is Rs 7000, Huawei’s is basically Rs 11000, and the Vivo TWS2 is Rs 5500. So I turned around and found that among the mainstream flagship headsets, Vivo is actually the cheapest.

Of course, ordinary users have different needs from high-end professional users, and their budgets are also different. However, in terms of sound quality transmission, wireless earphones are definitely inferior to wired earphones at the same price, and they are more fast and convenient. The focus is nothing more than delay, stability, noise reduction, functions, sound quality, etc. The summary is: basic functions are not bad, such as sound quality, battery life, and other bonus items. Naturally, the stronger the better.

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So if there is no brand requirement, if you simply pursue a comprehensive experience and reliability, then TWS2 is a good choice, it can be said that there are all. Not to mention the low price, the quality is guaranteed. You must know that Vivo’s products are all produced by themselves. The standard noise-canceling headphones sell for Rs 6000, which is cheaper than many cost-effective routes. In addition, Vivo’s predecessor was Backgammon and used to be a music phone. Now HiFi is also a gene of Vivo, and its sound quality still has a great advantage over phones at the same price.

Don’t underestimate TWS2, it has 40dB intelligent noise reduction (adjust the noise reduction level according to the environment), as well as three levels of standard, light, and depth adjustable, and there is also a transparent mode. There are also three microphones for noise reduction during calls, so there is no problem in use. Don’t worry about the sound quality. This is Vivo’s specialty. With the 12.2mm large dynamic unit, coupled with the tuning of the Golden Ear Lab, the sound quality is really good. There are almost no rivals at the same price, and it can even be matched with some expensive headphones. Trick.

The battery life is also good, the headset can reach 8 hours of battery life, combined with the charging compartment can reach 30 hours. And the design of this headset is very ergonomic and comfortable to wear. In my opinion, Rs 5,000 can buy such a good headset, it is indeed very worthwhile. Of course, OPPO’s Enco Free2 is also good, but the price is one hundred more, which is the second choice. As for some other less well-known manufacturers, I suggest that you choose to be cautious. It is the same thing to use, and you are afraid of accidents. After all, the headphones are worn on the head, so you have to be more reliable.


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