To access some iOS 15 features you need iPhone XS or newer

iPhone XS
With the end of WWDC21 and the release and installation of all new Beta versions, we will discover new features on Apple devices almost every day . Although iOS15 has always supported iPhone to iPhone6s , there are still some unique features of iPhoneXS or newer models.
Now I will share with you which iOS15 features will only be applicable to iPhones equipped with A12 bionic chip or newer versions , namely iPhoneXR , iPhoneXS , iPhone11 , iPhone11Pro , iPhoneSE (second generation), iPhone12 and iPhone12 Professional.
The following is only for a few equipped iOS15 the iPhone all the features:
Spatial audio on FaceTime : This feature creates a sound field that helps conversations proceed as easily as face-to-face. Your friend’s voice will spread out, and it sounds as if they are coming from where they are on the call.
Portrait mode on FaceTime : In iOS15, you can blur the background of the call to focus your attention on you, but only iPhones equipped with A12 bionic chip can use this feature.
Interactive Earth on the map : Only newer iPhones can discover the new interactive 3D Earth on Apple Maps, which includes significantly enhanced details of mountains, deserts, forests, oceans, etc.
Immersive walking route on the map: Learn where you are going with the step-by-step route shown in augmented reality.
Real-time text in photos : In iOS15, the text in all photos is interactive, so you can use functions such as copy and paste, search, and translation. Real-time text is suitable for photos, screenshots, quick view and Safari and real-time previews using the camera.
Visual search : Swipe up or tap the information button on any photo to highlight the recognized objects and scenes. Learn more about pop art and landmarks around the world, plants and flowers in nature, books and pet varieties.
New weather animated backgrounds : There are now thousands of animated backgrounds that can more accurately represent the position of the sun, clouds and precipitation.
Voice processing on the device: In iOS15 , unless you choose to share, your requested audio is now completely processed on your iPhone . The powerful function of Apple’s neural engine makes the speech recognition model have the same high quality as server-based speech recognition.
Keys in the wallet : Use iPhoneXR /XS or newer models to add family keys, hotel keys, office keys, and car keys.
iOS15 in iPhone12 unique features:
You need iPhone12 to have three unique functions:
Panoramic photos : The panoramic mode in iPhone12 and iPhone12Pro improves geometric distortion, better captures moving subjects, while reducing image noise and banding.
Enhanced 5G connection : Faster 5G connection enhances more applications and system experience, including support for backup to iCloud and recovery from iCloud backup, streaming audio and video on Apple and third-party applications, and downloading higher-quality AppleTV+ content , Sync photos to iCloud photos, update AppleNews+ articles for offline reading, and download machine learning models
5G preferred via Wi-Fi : iPhone 12 will now automatically prioritize 5G when the Wi-Fi connection of the network is occasionally slow, or when you are connected to a captive or insecure network, so you can enjoy a faster and safer connection .
In addition to all these iOS15 functions, but there are some features require iPhone7 or iPhone8 , which means that although Apple will iPhone6S and SE (first generation) users to publish iOS15 , but there’s more that he who can not use :
Spatial audio with dynamic head tracking : Listeners using AirPodsPro and AirPodsMax can get a more immersive Dolby Atmos music experience through Apple’s dynamic head tracking. Requires iPhone7 or newer models.
Walking stability : The walking stability on the iPhone is the first health indicator that allows you to gain insight into the risk of falling. Requires iPhone 8 or newer models.

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