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In this fast-paced world, everyone wants their questions answered immediately. Every business tries to solve the problems of its customers in order to maintain the brand reputation and not damage customer loyalty. However, from a human point of view, it is almost impossible to provide users with instant replies around the clock.

The addition of chatbots may bring revolutionary changes. They will wait for customer inquiries 24 hours a day. However, many people do not approve of this invention (these people are both those who provide services and those who receive services). They prefer traditional artificial methods. On the one hand, from a psychological point of view, everyone feels a bit cold to chat with the machine; more importantly, the chat robot may not be able to keep up with you (cannot answer) when discussing topics. It’s time to find artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots to improve the customer experience. Let us explore the world of chatbots and their applications together today.

Can chatbots replace customer service?

When you ask your question from a computer or mobile phone application and get a response, this type of conversation is a chatbot. In the chat interface, the chat robot communicates and chats around the user’s problems. There are usually two types of chatbots: command-based chatbots and artificial intelligence-based chatbots. They can understand your problem and provide relevant information based on the problem. What is the difference, let us give an example.

You want to know when a restaurant closes. In this case, command the chatbot to answer “We close at 10 o’clock this evening.” The AI ​​chatbot will look more natural and will answer “Hello (your name), we will be open before 10 o’clock this evening. The weather is very warm; there are plenty of parking spaces at the door”. The difference between the above two situations is that AI chatbots are more humane. All of this is done with the help of NLP (Natural Language Processing is a subfield of artificial intelligence).

Command-based chatbot: It responds after matching the context of the query and the answer. This means that these types of chatbots cannot create their own content and rely on a database of responses. You can’t expect this chatbot to answer different questions completely and accurately. Based on template search or dynamic search, the command chatbot can understand the user’s question accordingly. Artificial intelligence-based chatbots: It is the latest innovation of chatbots. Through NLP technology, this type of chatbot can answer ambiguous questions more effectively. It can also learn from past experiences and constantly renew itself.

In general, these two types of chatbots have their own advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, command-based chatbots support error-free answers in their knowledge base. Artificial intelligence-based chatbots are more inclined to give answers in natural language. You can decide for yourself which type you like best.

Can chatbots replace customer experts?

We will escalate the issue, which is an endlessly debated topic whether chatbots can replace customer support specialists. Yes, the robot is a perfect solution that can solve simple and basic problems quickly and is available at any time. But abnormal queries and more complex problems are not good. These issues need to be transferred to experts. At certain moments, human agents are best suited to handle complex conversations with users, especially when users are frustrated and do not want to talk or chat with the machine. Human-machine collaboration is the best solution.

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Benefits of using chatbots:

Here are the advantages of chatbots, you can consider whether they can be used in your business, and how to use them. Instant service: waiting for someone to answer your question is frustrating for many people. It will also have a negative impact on your brand image. Using chatbots, you can minimize waiting time and respond to customer queries in a timely manner.

There is a response no matter whether it is 2 am or 5 am; even the busiest time will not be busy. The 24/7 response feature has attracted many companies to adopt chatbots. By drawing inspiration from historical conversations, chatbots can solve any query and are proficient in solving the most basic tasks, such as answering basic questions about account balances, providing information about services, modifying your contact information, and so on.

Effective interaction: They can personalize the customer experience. Personalize the interaction with customers by processing the information generated in the customer dialogue. For a simple example, they can remember who you are and what problems you have encountered. This way you don’t have to repeat the introduction and jump directly to the topic. Stress-free management: You may not believe it, but in some cases, they can judge human emotions, such as anger, fear, doubt, or happiness. But it will never be affected by negative emotions.

Brand reputation: There is no doubt that the chatbot will become the most loyal supporter of your brand culture, and it will influence customers imperceptibly in the process of every interaction. (It should be emphasized that it is not to push brand advertisements to customers. It is the performance of each brand to solve customer problems in a timely and efficient manner and meet customer needs.)

Motivate employees: It is possible that the existence of artificial intelligence will make employees have a fear losing their jobs because artificial intelligence has the powerful ability to imitate human behavior. Surprisingly, this will encourage your employees to perform better, which will automatically increase your productivity and lead to more profits. Keep learning: Automatically improve the quality of chatbots with the help of artificial intelligence. This means that over time, chatbots will give customers more best answers. Only by upgrading the data, you can answer other complex questions related to the same topic. All information will be added to the chatbot’s knowledge base. This process is surprisingly efficient. Think about how long it will take to teach a person? (Chatbots can not only learn by themselves but can also be used for education. Future education: Can AI make us smarter? )

The problem with AI chatbots:

Data security: For almost all AI products, data security is an issue that requires attention. A lot of sensitive information was discussed during the interaction with the AI ​​chatbot. If all the data it collects is shared internally, the risk of errors is high. Leaking sensitive data can lead to many criminal offenses. Accuracy: Another disadvantage of using chatbots is accuracy. Obviously, by understanding the context of the entire conversation, professionals can give the best answers to complex questions in the best possible way. Chatbots are not yet as accurate in dealing with complex issues. This is why in the case of complex queries, the entire conversation needs to be transferred to humans.


The future of AI chatbots:

The role of chatbots is focused on meeting your business needs. Chatbots often have many benefits for your business. From enhancing communication channels to improving organizational efficiency. Obviously, it is impossible for humans to work 24 hours a day, and factors such as mood swings and fatigue also exist. The machine is not affected by such things. In addition, because AI chatbots can handle thousands of conversations at a time, overall productivity has also been improved. With the strengthening of automation technology applications, from smart cities to smart homes and industrial automation, you will witness that everyone is digitizing.


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