iPhone 6 Plus 256GB and iPhone 8 128GB Plus which one you should buy?


Let discuss which one you should buy.

1. Phone memory:

The memory used by the phone to run the program is RAM, which can only be temporarily stored for the exchange of cached data with the CPU. The size of the phone’s operation determines the speed at which the phone’s RAM reads and how much of the program is running in the background at the same time.

Advantages of running a large memory on your phone:

1. Faster to run apps in your phone system

2. Run more applications at the same time

3. Switch applications more quickly

Phone storage memory:

Also known as ROM, mainly contains its own system-occupied space and user-available space two parts, used to store and save data, the phone system files or photos were taken, video, stored files are usually stored in this space.

Advantages of large mobile storage memory:

1. Store more photos, videos, files, and more.

2. In some cases can be used as a Pen Drive.

Through a comprehensive introduction of the mobile phone running memory and mobile phone storage memory, we know that the former is responsible for the mobile phone’s response speed. As a case in point, the iPhone 8-plus-128 phone is like a Ferrari racing car with an ultra-fast start, and the iPhone 6-plus-256 phone is like an oversized truck, we can’t simply think that the pickup truck speed is not good, just say the pickup truck is not good. Similarly, in the choice of iPhone 8 plus 128 and iPhone 6 plus 256 mobile phones, it must be based on their actual needs to determine which type of mobile phone to choose, so, at the same price point. Of course, we can’t get into another misunderstanding, that as long as the phone runs with a lot of memory, the faster the phone reacts.

There are many factors that determine the speed of mobile phone operation:

1. CPU:

Smartphone smooth factor depends on CPU, CPU is the mobile phone’s computing control center, its degree of excellence will directly affect the phone’s response and fluency.

2. SmartPhone Customized OS:

The stacking of high-performance chips can not achieve the rapid operation of mobile phones, but also need to match the mobile phone system as support, the well-known Apple mobile phone system ios and Huawei mobile EMUI system is optimized very well, the mobile phone’s running speed and response speed increased a lot.


GPU is the image processor in the smartphone, the quality of the GPU determines the smoothness of the phone animation and game picture.

4. Internet speed:

Stable, high-speed Internet speed is also an important factor to ensure the rapid response of mobile phones.


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