Android 12 has been launched and most of the people are very much excited to get the Android 12 update

android 12
Android 12 Screen

There is a new topic these days that has attracted people’s attention. Yes, Android 12 is here. As soon as the news came out, it sparked a heated discussion among netizens. Prior to this, Google has launched multiple beta versions, so it is not that mysterious. Android 12 redesigned the bottom of the system to improve fluency and efficiency of the system. Google claims that this change reduces the CPU time required for the core services of the system by a large part. In addition, the notification bar will be more intuitive and interesting, making people clear at a glance, allowing users to tap and swipe to manage the operating system more quickly.

Android 12 not only has different levels of bright spots and upgrades in terms of UI style interaction methods and functions. The themes of dark mode and light mode have been added. In terms of privacy and security, a switch for the microphone and camera has been added. In terms of delivery mode, a new highlight has been added to the one-handed mode, which is that you can easily take screenshots, share and manage applications through gestures, and you can also paste and copy, which is indeed a lot more convenient.

Android 12 provides a brand new privacy management panel. After opening it, you can see usage-related details, such as several apps that have accessed the location, microphone, camera, etc. during the day. At the same time, you can adjust the permissions of the Android software. Android 12 has changed in visual elements. The system will use a color extraction mechanism, which will change with the change of the wallpaper and become more personalized. Android 12 has some changes to the drop-down notification bar. It uses 4 large rounded rectangular magnets. Tap to switch the corresponding function and long press to enter the setting interface. This can hold more information because the magnet can present a larger area.

android 12

Android 12 can access the WiFi shared by others nearby, click to scan the code. Compared to the previous Android 11, it needs to be shared with others, which is more convenient. Android 12 can manage the sleep state of the software, how to understand it? That is, in Android XII, the occupancy of these apps can be managed through specific rules. This feature can be deleted, and there is no permission to use the APP. At the same time, temporary files and cache can be cleaned up. This is a pretty good feature for users of low-end phones with small phone capacity.

I heard that there is also a function inside, that is, a startup screen is built-in for each APP, and developers can adjust it by themselves. In terms of media performance, Android 12 can automatically transcode HEVC (H·265) and HDR (HDR10 and HDR10+) videos recorded on the device into AVC (H·264). AVC (H·264) is compatible with standard players Widely compatible format. Therefore, when modern codecs are available and will not affect compatibility with older applications, modern codecs will be used.

In the shortcut key settings, Android 12 has a big change, users can long-press the power button to call, or open applications, or read a lot of text. What’s more interesting is that it is said that you can also control your own car with Android 12.

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