African e-commerce platform are now ready to expand their business globally


Tospino Express

After more than ten years of development, e-commerce has become an indispensable part of the national economy. Although the rapid development of the e-commerce industry has brought a lot of dividends, it also makes latecomers “untimely.” When the tide of the times has stabilized, how can we get another slice of the pie in a saturated market? In fact, compared to the domestic e-commerce market, Africa in the wave of global economic integration is gaining momentum and is ready to set off a new round of e-commerce expansion.

African e-commerce customer service:

Africa has 152 countries, and a huge population base has always been the focus of international economies. As a representative method of modern business, online shopping has gradually become the favorite way of consumption for Africans. In Ghana, as of 2021, more than half of the people have made purchases online. From 2005 to 2018, the proportion of e-commerce consumption in Africa also jumped from less than 3% to 24.5%. In addition to the good development trend of the e-commerce industry, such a huge change is also inseparable from some excellent e-commerce companies.

African e-commerce delivery:

As a well-known e-commerce platform deep in the African market, the Tospino cross-border e-commerce platform has been based on the development of the African market since its establishment. So far, the Tospino cross-border e-commerce platform not only has a large number of users but also has formed a close and friendly cooperative relationship with the local government. At the same time, it plans to open sites in Vietnam, Malaysia, Uganda, and other countries in October this year. According to settled merchants, there is no need to worry about the logistics and transportation of goods after joining the platform. Tospino cross-border e-commerce platform not only has overseas warehouses in many countries but also established a stable and professional logistics and distribution team.

Carrying goods into the car:


If you are very worried about logistics in Africa, then such concerns on the Tospino cross-border e-commerce platform are completely unnecessary, which is different from the usual models of other companies. Tospino’s cross-border e-commerce platform insists on “localization”, that is, recruiting locals to serve companies and merchants. As the logistics and distribution team, nearly 90% of the employees are locals. The unique geographical advantage allows them to better understand the actual needs of the locals and have a clearer route. Today, when traffic is generally poor in Africa, the localized model will greatly improve the timeliness of logistics and distribution.

Operation Management:

Regardless of e-commerce or traditional foreign trade, overseas warehouses are always a problem that needs to be properly resolved. So far, the Tospino cross-border e-commerce platform has set up exclusive overseas warehouses in Ghana, Uganda, Vietnam, Malaysia, and other countries. While serving Chinese merchants, it has also proposed a dual exemption policy, that is, entering the platform can enjoy free storage fees and deposits. service. With a vast market and a good mechanism, the future of African e-commerce will usher in a new chapter of even more magnificent development. At this time, entering the African e-commerce market will not only win opportunities but also enjoy the traffic support and discounts of high-quality platforms. Join the Tospino cross-border e-commerce platform now, in addition to double exemption, you can also enjoy the FBM mode of ordering and then shipping, which can eliminate the risks that merchants may take.


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